The Cabbage Factory

Don't Trust an Algorithm
Our people make the difference in finding the right financing
Unique four-step process
Easy without being reckless
Specializing is businesses that earn $200,000 or more annually. Our application is transparent, painless and confidential.
No “approval in minutes”
Unlike most automated systems, we personally evaluate your situation without hurting your credit. That extra time is worth it to find the right options, not the fastest.
A little something extra
We’re business owners ourselves, we’ve been there. As often as possible we’re presenting more than one option to find you money at the right price for your business.
The right money

We typically close loans up to $300,000 within a week, but we move at your pace… faster or slower.
The Cabbage Factory Difference
All loans are not the same
Our many strong relationships in an industry of 150 plus lenders, means you are not stuck with one lender's pricing, underwriting, product offering, or burdensome requirements. This gets you the right money at the right price and the right timing to fuel your businesses growth.
All lenders are not the same
The Cabbage Factory has years of experience navigating through the complexities of getting the most affordable money available to support your business growth. We have owned businesses and apply our Midwest values to every customer interaction.
Our plans have options
We look for programs, terms, and payback frequencies to fit your needs. Whether it's fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments, as well as flexible options that ebb and flow with your business sales.